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In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization is the art of knowing how search engines operate and using the correct tactics to rank high on websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sounds simple? It isn’t.

Every year millions of companies compete in a rankings battle, determined to reach that number one spot. Now, unless you have a budget with no boundaries, this will not happen overnight. Building a steady, organic SEO strategy is vital. Rush your approach and Google will punish you for potential SPAMMING, which obviously isn’t a good thing.

Here at Design380, we can create an efficient SEO plan to benefit your company’s online reputation. By the using Blogs, Social Media, PPC, Email Campaigns and Analytics, together with our experience, we can help you obtain solid local Google rankings.

SEO planning is very intricate and requires relevant URL’s, the inclusion of keywords within content and creating strong organic backlinks, this is something we can do for you.

SEO and Organic Search
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A website seo audit is a full analysis of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. Our hands on approach and immersion into data from various sources gives you the best chance of improving your online business!

  • Technical Audit, making sure your site is well coded and runs fast
  • Onsite Audit to review and analysis of all pages for proper keyword use
  • Offsite Audit to analyse back links and anchor text
  • Social Audit to review current mentions and visibility on social media
  • Local SEO Audit, if you are a local business, we make sure your website is optimized for local and that you have citations
efficient seo planning


In the constantly evolving world of SEO marketing, it pays to work with a company who can improve your websites organic search results by following SEO best practices. At Design380, we can create an efficient SEO plan to benefit your company’s online reputation.

  • Monthly Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Onsite and Offsite SEO
  • Product Optimisation
  • Link building
  • Content creation/blog writing
  • Manage google my business
  • Look at reviews for you company and the best platform to start collecting them from
  • Setting up targeted landing pages


One of the most important tools in promoting your business, is your website and it is vital that it is seen and heard. SEO can not only increase your websites traffic but can lead to more enquiries and even sales.

  • Onsite Seo Onsite SEO

    Onsite SEO is the process of making your website search engine friendly. This involves adjusting certain elements on your website so that search engine are able to understand the content and structure of your website. The most important elements are: Optimising page titles and descriptions, optimising heading tags in particular H1 tag elements, making sure all images have ALT tags, well formatted URLS, use of structured data, website Speed testing, mobile friendliness, broken links and Properly configured 404 pages.

  • Onsite Seo Offsite SEO

    Offsite SEO refers to the actions which can be take to promote your website besides advertising. Optimizing for offsite SEO involves improving search engine and user perception of a site's popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. This is accomplished by other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or promoting your website, and effectively "vouching" for the quality of your content.

  • Content Marketing Content Marketing

    Google has gotten smarter, and things have changed. Now your content needs to be high-quality for Google to position it in the top spots. Content marketing is a specialised form of writing that contains keyphrases which target key areas, services or products. This helps the page/content to rank higher in search engines in a hope to drives more quality targeted traffic.

tracking your success


The most important part of SEO is analysis. Knowing what does and doesn’t work is vital when planning email campaigns, PPC and social media direction. By working closely with us you will have access to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats, highlight the most successful campaign’s, keywords and emails. This will help plan future campaigns and allow the opportunity for more successful, consistent results.

  • Identify which pages and links your visitors click the most
  • Conversions and ROI
  • Crucial data on customer behavior
  • View under-performing areas of a website or campaign
  • View new backlinks and referring domains
SEO Tracking and Reporting
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