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Planning & Design

To us, planning and researching is about extracting information from our clients to arrive at the best possible creative brief. Your requirements are unique; so our starting point is to examine the needs and attitudes of your customers, and get to the heart of your company.

Here at Design380 we understand the importance of Web Design. A website obviously needs to look attractive, but that is just the beginning of the story. Your website needs to be user friendly, engaging and directive, in sense of pointing your customers to areas of interest. Hidden signposts, clever positioning and a tactical layout are needed to ensure your customers are focusing on the targeted information.

Our aim is to brand your business specifically to your target audience. With a combination of our expertise in Graphic Design, Website Design and SEO planning we can design an efficient website which will drive relevant potential customers to it.

Planning and Design
Mobile Ready Web Design

Mobile Ready Web Design

All the sites we build will render on mobile devices. The use of responsive design when applied can enable the mobile experience of our websites to automatically reformat into long scrolling pages suitable for mobile devices.

However, the requirements of the mobile user are usually different to those of a desktop user. When this is the case, a mobile specific version of the site may be appropriate. This requires a separate though shortened version of the website project process detailed above, called moblification.

It involves re-establishing the needs of the users in this different environment. A scaling back of the architecture and design in line with screen sizes and interaction habits will be necessary to make it relevant and to maximize conversion and retention.

Web Development

It’s easy for web companies to bog you down with jargon, this is something you won’t find at Design380. We put everything in plain English. We make it easy for you to understand the technical terms and don’t leave you in the dark.

We are a talented team and have experience in the latest web technologies and can create almost anything you want on your website. We love to work closely with our customers to ensure a personal and professional experience. At Design380 we are always on hand to make any last minute alterations you may require on your website.

We believe the process of web development needs to be efficient, as spending months on creating a website can affect your business, waste time and more importantly can become costly. We get you to where you need to be in the quickest time possible with no compromise on quality.

  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
Web Development

Content Management System

The Design380 Content Management System, is a bespoke content management system that gives non-technical people all the controls they need to edit their own site.

Our CMS is extremely user friendly and straight forward system that anyone can easily use.

Our Content Management System
CMS Features
  • Easily create new or update existing pages.
  • Edit meta-titles, meta descriptions, page names and add relevant keywords to each page.
  • Apply permissions to site administrators so they can edit areas of your website.
  • Create image galleries and manage all graphical media.
  • Upload or embed your videos.
  • Manage blog articles and testimonials.
  • Manage your website on the go via your iPad or Smart Phone.
  • Plus so much more.

Nowadays its a standard requirement to have an adaptable multi-platform website, without it, your just being left behind.

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